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A. R. A. R. | Esthetic Crown & Bridge

Prior to my restoration I was unhappy with the appearance of my teeth whenever I looked in the mirror. I also felt self-conscience when speaking to people. Now I can't stop looking in the mirrorand I do not have the self-conscience feeling any longer ...[more]

H. Y-V. H. Y-V. | Sleep Apnea

When I was diagnosed with a mild to moderate case sleep apnea over 2 years ago it was immediately recommended that I use a CPAP machine to alleviate the symptoms. Which I immediately got and for over a year and a half I worked on making this ...[more]

B. W B. W | Porcelain Crown Problems

Having had braces as an adolescent, I enjoyed a nice smile well into my early adulthood. However, over the years for various reasons I had several porcelain over metal crowns done by my regular dentist. I am told IÕm a nighttime grinder and due to the fact that ...[more]

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