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D. S. D. S. | Esthetics

When I was young, I had a very traumatic experience which caused me to lose several adult teeth. Although I finally received proper dental care, this experience made me avoid dentists for many years. As a result, the dental work performed when I was a child ...[more]

S. W. S. W. | Implant Restorations

When Dr. Samani told me I needed teeth implants.... oh Gosh... I thought! Going through the process of implants while working at the front desk in a beautiful Spa scared me. How would I look when people walked in? Could I still smile at them? How would my mouth look ...[more]

J. M. J. M. | Implant Restorations

The girl who is always smiling. For as long as I can remember that description has always been attached to me. However, as time has gone on that description didn't seem to apply anymore. My smile was not as spontaneous or as attractive as it once was because of the deterioration of my teeth ...[more]

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