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S. W. S. W. | Implant Restorations
When Dr. Samani told me I needed teeth implants.... oh Gosh... I thought! Going through the process of implants while working at the front desk in a beautiful Spa scared me. How would I look when people walked in? Could I still smile at them? How would my mouth look wearing a bite plate for six months before the implants were ready? Would this hurt? Would I miss work?

To my complete surprise the temporary bite plate that Dr. Samani made for me was not only comfortable but the teeth showing were actually good looking . Not even one person knew I was even wearing a bite plate.

To recount the experience from the begining is very easy to do. My oral surgeon recommended by Dr. Samani,was Dr. Saker in Ridgewood, N.J. He was very gentle when he gave me anesthesia to put me out so I wouldn't feel anything. I woke up feeling no pain and was escorted by my husband from Dr. Saker's office directly to Woodcliff Lake to Dr. Samani's office.
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