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H. Y-V. H. Y-V. | Sleep Apnea

My Adventure in the World of Sleep Apnea

When I was diagnosed with a mild to moderate case sleep apnea over 2 years ago it was immediately recommended that I use a CPAP machine to alleviate the symptoms. Which I immediately got and for over a year and a half I worked on making this contraption work to help me sleep. I have always been a very light and sensitive sleeper. The CPAP was never comfortable. The hose and I would get tangled up and it would often bump into the headboard or my husband.

One of the major issues that I had was a problem regulating the amount of humidity into my nose. Sometimes it would drip and other times it would be dry as a desert. One doctor recommended getting a cover for the hose in order to keep the moisture in the tube from getting cold and thus condensing and drowning me! So I have a cute baby blue felt cover for my CPAP hose!
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