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J. M. J. M. | Implant Restorations

The girl who is always smiling. For as long as I can remember that description has always been attached to me. However, as time has gone on that description didn't seem to apply anymore. My smile was not as spontaneous or as attractive as it once was because of the deterioration of my teeth.

As a child I remember my dentist always saying I had "soft" teeth. It seemed I was always sitting in a dental chair having my teeth drilled and filled. When I was nine my orthodontist said I was the youngest patient he had ever had. When my braces were removed my teeth were straight but the metal bands had left deep indentations in my two top front teeth and they were stained from not being cleaned underneath the bands. The years continued with many dental visits. I was told that tooth decay was not as prevalent after the age of 25. However, in my case it continued. My adult life has been filled with numerous cavities, abscesses, posts and crowns and bridges.
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